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Transcendental Tarot is an extraordinary vaporwave themed tarot meditational experience!!! Each single sided page was developed and designed with both beginning and experienced mystics in mind. Each Major Arcana page is represented with a multitude of ethereal, vaporwave, metaphysical, idealistic, weird, designs meant to take you into a magical meditational state away from the stresses of the world! I blended imagery, styles, and patterns inspired by my usual 70s/80s/90s/y2k/weirdcore/groovy/cartoon/vaporwave/vintage/ethereal/mystical/supernatural/sparkly/spooky/cute, but kind of creepy style? Once you have finished mixing your magic with the major Arcana you will journey through the minor Arcana suite cards! Each Suite is represented with a dedicated page depicting elements and information about the suites (Wands, Cups, Swords, Pentacles). Each suite section also includes a court page, element page, Zodiac page (with a combination of all of the signs in that suite), and each Zodiac sign has a page! This book is Tarot beginner friendly and is the first in my series that will get deeper and more technical into the art of Tarot (literally lol) as we go along! I hope you love it, and I cannot wait for you to share your magic with me!!! :)


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